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China Arts and Crafts Association of fiber, glass, metal art Specialized Committee set up the general assembly


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China Arts and Crafts Association of fiber, glass, metal art Specialized Committee set up the general assembly


April 8, 2015 at 2 pm, the Chinese arts and Crafts Association fiber, glass, metal art Specialized Committee founded the conference held in Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University. The general assembly by the China arts and Crafts Association Deputy Secretary General Hou Huizhe presided over the vice president of the Tsinghua University, Xie Weihe, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts President Lu Xiaobo, Secretary of China arts and Crafts Association Long Wang Shan has speech, Lin Lecheng, director of the Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Department of Arts and crafts as commission sponsor representative introduced three Committee organization. Hejian City People's Government mayor Yin Weijiang, Party Secretary of the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University Li Gongqiang Chinese arts and Crafts Association vice chairman Zhao Meng, "decoration" magazine editor Fang Xiaofeng, Tsinghua University History Department of Academy of Fine Arts art director Chen Anying, from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, The China Academy of Art, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts and other more than and 60 universities, representatives of national and provincial and municipal 43 master of Arts and crafts etc. leaders and guests attended the inaugural meeting.

Xie Wei and vice president in his speech, said the Tsinghua University will strongly support the work of the three committees, and hope to provide a better platform for your service. "Traditional technology is a valuable asset in Chinese traditional culture. Art has great vitality, regardless of industry, school, or the market, should become the springhead arts popular favorite." President Lu Xiaobo returned in his speech arts and the old Central Academy of fine arts proposed to serve people's life "clothing, food, shelter, and use" industry oriented, facing the society and the public, the combination of production, the traditional development, think transformation in the country today, these ideas are still of realistic direction and meaning, hope through education, arts and culture originality design talents; through academic exhibition launch, launch new brand, launched a masterpiece; through the new period 'research' combination, promotion platform of art and life, academic and market, to enhance the well-being of people's lives." Secretary General Wang Shan first affirmed the establishment of three Specialized Committee is required to industry and society, hope that the three Specialized Committee became the banner and the vane of the arts and crafts industry, leading the development of Chinese arts and crafts.

On behalf of Professor Lin Lecheng, the sponsor introduced the organization of the three Specialized Committee. The vice chairman of the three Committee, director of the Specialized Committee on the list of candidates, professional institutions and fiber industry accounted for 50% of the proportion of each industry, universities and professional glass proportion is 39% and 61%, colleges and professional metal industry proportion is 53% and 47%, and three professional school industry total hospital ratio 47% and 53%. A month ago, from 23 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide 190 sponsors held conference sponsors three Specialized Committee, today also increased to 27 provinces and autonomous regions, the number of 228, accounting for 83% of all candidate members." We hope that with the development of the new period of art together, in the ideal and the common cause of the sail.

By the fiber, glass, metal art Specialized Committee election, produce the sub committee director, deputy director, the secretary general, deputy secretary general and other organizations. Secretary General Wang Shan announced the election results, Specialized Committee chairman of fiber art Lin Lecheng, Secretary for Seinfeld, chairman of Specialized Committee metal art Zhou Shangyi, the Secretary General Zhong Liansheng, chairman of the Specialized Committee for glass art Guan Donghai, the Secretary General Li Yupu.