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  • 产品名称: Ecuador Exhibition

The evening of August 26, 2013, commissioned by the Ministry of culture, in the Chinese Embassy in Ecuador under the support of the Catholic University of Ecuador and Tsinghua University jointly organized the "Chinese contemporary fiber art exhibition" opened at the Catholic University of art center. China ambassador to Ecuador Wang Shixiong, vice president of Tsinghua University and chairman of the Academic Degrees Committee of China Fashion Association Li Dangqi, director of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts Department of Arts and crafts and arts and Crafts Association Chinese fiber art Specialized Committee Lin Lecheng, director of the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts Department of environment art and Architectural Society China environmental art Specialized Committee secretary, Tsinghua Beauty College Young Teachers Yue Song attended the opening ceremony.
Opening ceremony by the Chinese ambassador to Ecuador, he attended the opening ceremony of the guests to introduce the development of China's contemporary fiber art. He said, Chinese government attaches great importance to cultural exchanges and cooperation with Ecuador, the exhibition of works, on behalf of the top level of development and the contemporary world China fiber art exhibition, hoping to promote in-depth exchanges, in the fields of art and spirit between the two countries and national artists, make contribution to the harmonious world.
The opening ceremony, the Catholic University of Ecuador cultural center director Nevado reviewed the center and Chinese cooperation, carry out Chinese cultural propaganda situation. He said that China has a long history and civilization is an important part of the development of the world, the Chinese fiber art exhibition, the artists will further cooperate to open another door.
Tsinghua University academic degree committee vice chairman Li Dangqi on behalf of the Tsinghua University to participate in organizing and supporting the exhibition of units and friends to express my heartfelt thanks. He said that Ecuador is a beautiful country, but the capital Quito is the world cultural heritage city, as a representative of the contemporary world development trend of fiber art China fiber artist exhibition held in Quito, very important.
As a representative of the participating artists, Professor Lin Lecheng to infectious language, to introduce the works and China fiber art in the world tour, and expressed Ecuador deep cultural history of reverence.
In the book of the exhibition a total of 62 works, the author respectively 37 authors from China 21 famous art colleges, all participating works are over the years the International Fiber Art Biennale award. Through these works, artists with a unique perspective and different artistic expression of the rapid changes in China, from the side to the people of Ecuador show the Chinese contemporary art and cultural development.
The exhibition is supported by the Ecuador branch of the international engineering company.
Chinese Embassy in Ecuador cultural Commissioner Huang Kangyi, Ecuador National Arts and Crafts Association chairman Gisberg, Chinese funded companies, and the culture of the arts and friends from all walks of life nearly two hundred people attended the opening ceremony.