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- Chinese fiber art education and "Lausanne to Beijing International Biennale

  China fiber art education and "Lausanne to Beijing International Biennale

  Linlecheng Wanghui

Fiber art has a long history, and synchronized with the development of human civilization, from the "Jieshengjishi" to the development of the art of decorative function, fiber art material itself can express human emotion. Fiber, hand weaving itself and people have affinity. Soft material, rich colors, from the visual point of view, easy to cause people's emotional resonance. Fiber has a wealth of expression. As an independent art form can have its own unique language, can achieve the effect of pen and ink can not reach. Pay attention to the art of fiber material, pay attention to art, is actually "to conscious cultural awareness beyond the material and technology to treat and improve the existing material and emphasizes the humanistic value of art practice or art form of the". Thus, the great rejuvenation of Chinese traditional culture and the upsurge of fiber art are hidden behind the contemporary consciousness which is more and more recognized by people.

Comprehensive and diversity and contemporary consciousness

In Chinese fiber art teaching in the University, whether teachers or students, they are basically draw inspiration from the "material fiber" and human has the most affinity, through whimsy to shape the image, stereo image, space image device to express thoughts and feelings and the pursuit of their own, to the artist to create a at the same time, material form, spirit and meaning of purpose. Soft sculpture of planar shape tapestry, three-dimensional image, and corresponding device or space fabric in both visual and tactile, form and content to give people a new aesthetic enjoyment.

The synthesis and diversity of fiber art and the concept of the contemporary consciousness of fiber art education in china. Chinese fiber art not only has the characteristics of traditional arts and crafts, but also has the characteristics of modern art design, but also compatible with painting, sculpture and other forms of art. Has the aesthetic function and practical function of the fiber art is always fine example of traditional arts and crafts exhibition Chinese; fashion accessories Home Furnishing characteristics of fiber art works for the exhibition of modern art design Chinese chelseagreat; fiber and woven with pure art paintings and sculpture works, which is an important part of Chinese comprehensive art the exhibition, and can be widely used in large space, become a new landscape of public art. Chinese contemporary fiber art has developed rapidly and widely in the society, because of fiber and textile arts without university education in the discipline classification on its own limitation, but with the "fine arts", "design art", "art", "art", "soft sculpture art", "installation art", "public art" and many other professional disciplines become interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary interaction, complementarity, symbiosis and coexistence mode of education.

As the Chinese fiber art education research center, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts, fiber art studio is worthy of the name of manual mill, both teachers and students can be seen as a craftsman, in a certain sense, workshops and craftsmen can best reflect the characteristics of Arts and crafts from the essence, it is a kind of new teaching idea of contemporary art education. In this kind of teaching idea, we are good at using materials in the cultivation of students' thinking and good at hands-on production process, so as to make students realize that "hands-on active" deep meaning of this sentence: folk proverbs "hands-on" significance for art practice and work of the human creation. In the past, the old man often said that learning a craft to be independent, in fact, it is said that the essence of survival. The famous American scientist Zhu Guangqian said: "the aesthetic activity itself is not only a kind of visual activity, which is mainly a kind of practice; productive labor is a kind of world changing self realization of the art activities or people to master the art of the world." To pay attention to the development and construction of the discipline, and to insist on the combination of teaching and application are the basic of the practical teaching of the fiber art studio. Good at work, diligent work, is the fiber art studio practice teaching form. Subject complementary, professional interaction, mutual assistance, academic resources sharing, is the fiber art studio practice teaching mode. Since 2000, we always adhere to the practical teaching, actively explore the international oriented, community oriented, market oriented teaching, scientific research, creation and so on many aspects has accumulated rich experience, has made remarkable achievements, which won the international gold medal 2, the national gold medal, 5 awards, 7 silver, bronze 16, 109 award of excellence, international excellence award, special award nomination award 21 awards at home and abroad, a total of 159, the number of winners in the China World College of art and design professional of the first fiber.
"From Lausanne to Beijing International Fiber Art Biennale
The exploration of fiber art is through a lot of teaching and creative practice, on the other hand, through theoretical research, but also actively carry out international academic exchange activities. As Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts fiber art studio host, we successfully engineered "from Lausanne to Beijing International Fiber Art Biennale and symposium, and lead the fifty universities China fiber art and the world of professional artists to create an internationally influential academic exchange platform. Since the beginning of 2000, the five biennial exhibition featured the works of 980 artists, 880 people, 30 participating countries, the average annual exhibition works of 196 artists, 176. In 2008 fifth Biennale exhibited 3.2 times in 2000 the first biennial, 2008 Fifth Biennial Exhibition of artists is 3 times in 2000 the first biennale. Today's work is a new "landscape" in the development of art creation. It is a new artistic creation with many kinds of fibers as the medium, which embodies the new spirit of the times and the concept of art. "From Lausanne to Beijing International Fiber Art Biennale is gradually developed into a meaningful cultural and artistic exchanges brand, a broad consensus on the Chinese and foreign artists, a Chinese and foreign artists, met together, exchange of spiritual home. At the same time, to promote its China fiber art creation also plays an irreplaceable role, has become the cradle of contemporary fiber art works.
From 2000 to 2008, eight years, from Lausanne to Beijing with its specialization, scale, internationalization of the exhibition mode, for the domestic and foreign many interested in the research and creation of fiber art artist, theorist and educator provides a stage to display their talent. Nearly a thousand works of hundreds of artists, tens of thousands of people to watch, make the traditional art once human fiber closest, simple, in the city of reinforced concrete in the bustling open up a bright road, off the edge of the coat, return to the public eye center. At the same time has become the hottest art nouveau riche, Chizha summon wind and call for rain, art. We have reason to believe that the fiber weaving as a human exploration of nature, to create a civilization of primitive instincts, in the modern society still has a solid foundation of development and extensive acceptance of the crowd. In Lausanne under the guidance of the spirit, becomes the fiber art potential will continue to grow, the artist will bring rooted in tradition and the future pioneering spirit, with a broad mind and love deep human feelings, to build a bridge of friendship and affinity, tireless pursuit of truth, goodness and portray the human picture perfect beauty the!


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